CX5 – Two Place Tandem

The first flying CX5, with over 500 hours on it.


Thatcher CX5 Specifications

Wing Span28'8.5m
Height7' 2"2.2m
Cabin Width28"71cm
Wing Area126 sq ft11.7m sq
Wing Loading10 lbs / sq ft4.54 kg / 0.09m sq
Empty Weight721lbs327kg
Gross Weight1320lbs599kg
Useful Load599lbs272kg
Design Load3.8G's
Fuel (92 Octane Auto)20 Gallons77.6 Liters
EngineRevmaster R2300 85Hp
Propeller56/48 Combo, 54/50 Cruise
Electrical SystemStarter, Alternator
BrakesHydraulic Disc/Toe Brakes
Airframe Construction6061-T6 Aluminum - Airframe, Fiberglass - Cowl, wing tips & wheel pants
Notes-Side-opening canopy
-Fuel tanks - 2 (10 gal. in each wing)
-Weight & Balance data:
*Solo (front) with min fuel (2 gal) - Max 250lbs
*Dual with full fuel and 20lbs baggage:
-Min pilot (front) - 180lbs
-Max passenger - 240 lbs


Cruise (75% Power)120 mph193 km/h
Stall (Vso)42 mph67.6 km/h
Rate of Climb (Vy)1000 fpm at 75mph305 m/min at 120 km/h
Never Exceed Speed (Vne)155 mph249.4 km/h
Best Decent Speed65 mph105 km/h
Best Angle of Climb (Vx)65 mph105 km/h
Take-Off Roll700 ft213 m
Max. Ceiling10,000 ft3028 m