CX4 Wing Spars

Wing spars are a critical piece in construction of any airplane; they are the backbone of your wing, and have the strength to keep your airplane in the air! Contrary to popular belief, spars are not impossible for the home builder to undertake, but they are time consuming to build, and require some expensive specialty tools not used on other parts of Thatcher airplane designs.

Buying spars from us allows you to save time, and get started with a firm foundation. Quality construction using CNC machines gives a difficult to replicate fit. Lead time varies (we’ll try to keep a set in stock, but assume 6-8 weeks), contact us with any questions.


Your wing spar order includes:
  • Two wing spars
  • Center section spar
  • Wing attach plates – with the holes drilled at the proper dihedral angle
I am not currently producing the rear wing or center section spars, but may in the future – these seem to be fairly easy for folks to bend up themselves.

NOTE: Spars can be picked up locally (Kearney, NE) for free, or I can work with you to arrange delivery, or freight shipping. Freight prices vary from $150 to $400 or possibly more, and require crating, which is around $100 depending on local wood prices. Delivery to Airventure, Oshkosh, WI or some other events may be possible for free.


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Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 150 × 14 × 24 in
Payment Options

Purchase ($2050), Deposit ($700), Final Payment ($1350)


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