Thatcher Aircraft


Since 2018, I’ve been making parts and kits for the Thatcher series of kit airplanes, designed by David Thatcher – the CX4, CX5 and CX7. I’ve decided to sell this business, and am looking for buyers who are interested in working with David, and Glen Bradley to continue providing parts and kits to interested customers.

If you’re looking for parts, I have a few available on the shelf – email me, and we can discuss. If you’re looking for information on plans or questions about building, please direct them to David Thatcher, or Glen Bradley – their contact information can be found at their website:

Frequently asked.

How can I contact you?

You can email me: [email protected]

Why are you selling the business?

My other business had exploded, and I simply can’t do both businesses well. I’ve decided to focus on my other business, Fort Manufacturing ( )

What are you selling?

David Thatcher and I have an agreement that I have the exclusive rights to manufacture parts and kits (other than fiberglass parts and weldments) for the Thatcher designs. There is a royalty paid to him on each part sold. I am selling these rights. There is a possibility of purchasing some of the equipment used to produce these parts as well.